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Do you dream of beautiful teeth? Hollywood Dental realizes your idea of ​​the perfect smile at an incredibly low price.

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Dental Crown and Veneers Packages

Combine your dental treatment with a relaxing holiday in Turkey. Easy to get a perfect smile with Hollywood Dental Izmir.
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Porcelain with metal coating

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Zirconium crown

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EMAX crown or veneer

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CAM crown or veneer

Dental Crown and Veneers Differences

Choosing between veneers and dental crown really depends on what condition your teeth are in and the results you want to achieve.
In general, crowns are much more commonly used in people with heavy fillings, cracked or worn teeth, or root canals. For those looking more for cosmetic enhancements, veneers are more popular as a less invasive treatment.
The main difference between crowns and veneers is that crowns are thicker and cover the entire tooth while veneers are thinner and only cover the front of the tooth. For example, if your front tooth is broken, it may be advisable to cover the tooth with a crown, while something smaller, such as severe discoloration, may only require a veneer to keep your smile looking as good as new.
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Dental Crown and Veneers Cost in Turkey

Contact us and we will advise you free of charge. Let us help you choose the dental crown or veneers that suits your needs.


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