A root canal is used to clean tooth decay or infection in the root canal and repair the tooth. If the pulp is infected, it is removed in the canal and the cavity formed is thoroughly disinfected. The cavity is then filled and sealed, which prevents the bacteria from becoming reinfected.

Root canal treatment is one of the most commonly performed treatment methods. The root canal treatment process gives very successful results in terms of getting rid of the pain problems in the tooth.

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During root canal treatment, the part of the tooth known as the pulp is removed. The removal of this soft tissue has no negative impact on dental health. Since the other tissues around the tooth continue to nourish the tooth even after the pulp has been removed, the pulp portion is removed with the aim of protecting the natural tooth rather than pulling it out.

Although it is widely believed that root canal treatment is a painful treatment, this is just a stigma. Root canal treatment is a treatment method that provides both quick and effective results compared to many other procedures. The procedure, which is usually performed under local anesthesia, makes it possible to get into the infected pulp through the hole created in the tooth. So, after the pulp is removed along with the pus-forming bacteria, the tooth is sealed or a temporary filling is made by injecting antibiotics into the tooth according to the size of the infection.

At the end of the treatment, the teeth are filled, which prevents the formation and accumulation of new bacteria. In some cases, tooth restoration may be required after root canal treatment.


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The treatment takes about 4-7 days and is carried out after a detail examination.


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Root canal treatment is an application that occurs especially in cases where the pulp is affected. We can list the conditions in which the pulp is affected and their consequences as follows:

  • Broken teeth
  • Deep bruises reaching the pulp
  • Damage from severe blows to the tooth
  • Toothache that started spontaneously without a cause
  • Toothache that does not go away even with painkillers and increases at night
  • Hypersensitivity to contact with the tooth, to cold and especially to heat that lasts for a long time
  • Hypersensitivity to contact with the tooth, to cold and especially to heat that lasts for a long time
  • Infection of the tooth

Causes such as fistulas from infections are other reasons that require root canal treatment. If the pulp becomes infected or dies and is not treated at this stage, inflammation begins to form in the jawbone at the root of the tooth. This inflammation causes severe pain by compressing the bone around the tooth.


The anatomy of each tooth is different, so the same program cannot be used for every root canal treatment. Therefore, no clear information on the duration of treatment can be given. Years ago it was common to perform a root canal treatment in 2 sessions. So if the tooth was filled in the same session after cleaning, serious problems could arise. How long does a root canal treatment take today?


At Hollywood Dental Izmir, advanced equipment in both imaging and treatment, and the methods that depend on them, make it easy to clean the inside of the tooth, so that root canal treatment can be successfully performed in a single visit. As you can imagine, root canal treatments, which can be performed in one session with new treatment methods, are in high demand among both patients and dentists.

Therefore, root canal treatment performed in one session by our endodontists is more convenient and cheaper. Because speed and efficiency reduce treatment costs in the long run.

The duration of the root canal treatment depends not only on the edodontist, but also on the position of the teeth. For example, the first molars in the upper jaw are the most difficult to treat and require more time. These teeth can have 3 or 5 canals. Depending on how many root canals there are on each tooth, the treatment may take longer than expected. This situation and the cost are often proportional to the complexity of the treatment.

A third visit may be required to insert the needles during those cumbersome root canal procedures. However, it is possible to prevent the use of pins using modern composite bonding techniques.

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