The Lumineers technology has revolutionized aesthetic dentistry, and Turkey plays a leading role in this development. Moreover, the country is not only known for its impressive history and diverse culture but also offers excellent medical care. Notably, the first-class dental treatments meet international standards. Therefore, more and more people from all over the world are drawn to Turkey to benefit from the advanced and high-quality dental services. Finally, Turkey combines state-of-the-art technology with experienced professionals, providing an unbeatable combination for patients.

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Lumineers: The Gentle Alternative to Veneers

Lumineers are ultra-thin, minimally invasive ceramic veneers. Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers do not require the removal of tooth substance. This technology allows for gentle aesthetic dental correction, masking slight misalignments, discolorations, and small gaps between teeth. They offer numerous advantages:

  • No need to remove tooth substance
  • Minimally invasive application for gentle treatment
  • Ultra-thin shells for a natural look

Thanks to their thinness, comparable to a contact lens, Lumineers provide a radiant smile. These characteristics make Lumineers the preferred choice for patients who value gentle yet effective aesthetic dental treatments. Finally, patients benefit from modern technology that delivers excellent results without compromising natural tooth substance.

Reasons to Choose Turkey for Lumineers

Turkey has become a preferred destination for dental treatments. Additionally, Istanbul offers state-of-the-art clinics and experienced dentists. The cost of Lumineers in Turkey is significantly lower than in Germany or other European countries. At the same time, patients do not have to compromise on quality. Turkish dentists are highly trained and work according to international standards. Many clinics also offer comprehensive service packages that include accommodation and transfers.

1 – Consultation

We advise you personally, by phone, or by email. You can contact us at any time for further questions and information about treatments.


The treatment is painless following detailed patient clarification and thorough examinations by our specialist.

3 – Success

We consider a smile makeover successful only when the patient is 100% satisfied with the result.

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Advantages of Treatment in Turkey:

  • Lower costs compared to other European countries
  • State-of-the-art dental clinics with advanced technology
  • Experienced dentists with international training
  • Service packages including accommodation and transfers
  • Attractive travel destinations and cultural experiences during the stay

Therefore, the combination of quality, price, and tourist offerings attracts many international patients.

The Benefits of Lumineers Treatments in Turkey

Those who choose Lumineers in Turkey can enjoy numerous benefits. Moreover, prices are up to 70% lower compared to Germany. The high quality of treatment by experienced dentists and modern clinics is also convincing. Lumineers, through the minimally invasive method that does not require grinding of the tooth substance, offer a painless procedure.

  • Low costs: Up to 70% savings compared to Germany
  • High-quality treatment: Experienced dentists and modern clinics
  • Minimally invasive method: No grinding of tooth substance required
  • Natural result: Lumineers are hardly distinguishable from real teeth
  • Short treatment duration: Usually, one or two sessions are sufficient
  • Combined with vacation: Experience Istanbul and its sights

In addition, the result is so natural that Lumineers are hardly distinguishable from real teeth. Finally, the treatment can often be combined with a vacation in Istanbul to enjoy the impressive sights.

Process of a Lumineers Treatment in Turkey

The process of a Lumineers treatment in Turkey includes several careful steps. First, the dentist conducts a consultation to understand the patient’s wishes and expectations. An individual treatment plan is created, and the entire process is explained.

  • Preparation: The teeth are thoroughly cleaned, and any small irregularities are corrected.
  • Impression: A precise impression of the teeth is taken, which serves as a template for the Lumineers.
  • Trial and adjustment: The Lumineers are fabricated in the dental laboratory and adjusted in another session, then fixed to the teeth.
  • Aftercare: The dentist provides care tips and schedules a follow-up appointment.

The combination of modern technology and experienced professionals guarantees optimal results.

Lumineers in Turkey: How to Find the Right Clinic

When choosing a clinic, you should pay attention to several important criteria. The experience of the dentists plays a central role, as experienced professionals deliver better results. Additionally, you should find out about the number of Lumineers treatments performed to better assess the clinic’s competence.
Important criteria:

Experience: Find out about the experience of the dentists and the number of Lumineers treatments performed.

  • Certifications: Look for quality seals such as ISO or JCI, which guarantee high standards.
  • Reviews: Read reviews from other patients to get a realistic picture of the clinic.
  • Communication: Ensure that the clinic has German-speaking staff to avoid misunderstandings.

These points help you make the best decision for your Lumineers treatment in Turkey.

Preparation for the Trip

Before considering a Lumineers treatment in Turkey, you should consider several important aspects. First, it is essential to clarify health prerequisites and ensure you are suitable for dental treatment. Additionally, you should plan the travel time carefully to allow enough time for treatment and subsequent recovery. Another important point is checking health insurance:

  • Health prerequisites: Clarify in advance whether you are suitable for dental treatment.
  • Travel time: Allow enough time for treatment and recovery.
  • Insurance: Check whether the health insurance covers the costs for treatment abroad.

By considering these aspects, you can ensure a smooth and successful trip for a Lumineers treatment in Turkey.


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How much are lumineers in Turkey?

The cost of Lumineers in Turkey can vary depending on various factors such as the clinic, the specialist, the number of Lumineers needed, and the individual requirements of the patient. Generally, the prices for Lumineers in Turkey range between approximately 200 Euros and 220 Euros per veneer.

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Average cost for laminate veneers (EUR)
Germany €400 – €1,000
Austria €320 – €800
Switzerland €640 – €1,600
Liechtenstein €640 – €1,600
Luxembourg €320 – €800
Turkey €200- €220