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Do you dream of beautiful teeth? Hollywood Dental realizes your idea of ​​the perfect smile at an incredibly low price. .

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Smile Makeover (Dental Aesthetics) with Hollywood Dental

The smile is a universal sign of friendliness and knows no language limitations. Improve your self-confidence and leave the best first impressions – the Hollywood Dental Team in Izmir will take care of your smile makeover treatment cost-effectively and efficiently. Our dentists will create a perfect smile for you with the help of various dental cosmetic interventions. We offer you the opportunity to improve your own tooth appearance and finally have that smile you always dreamed of. During a consultation, we will discuss the possible methods and make you an individual treatment plan. Contact our friendly staff and make an appointment for your own Smile Makeover in Turkey.

Our team can use several methods for a smile design. We can create the smile you want with porcelain laminate veneers, beautiful sensory composite fillings, bonding methods and whitening processes. It is very important to understand the patient’s expectations when designing a smile. A detailed analysis should be carried out before starting the process. The teeth and surrounding tissues that are intact with the teeth should be examined and treated together. Factors influencing smile design include the patient’s face shape, age, gender, gum level, lip spacing and thickness, and closing relationships.

The Digital Smile Design (DSD) program enables our dentists to plan the perfect smile individually using photos and impressions. In the preliminary examination, in addition to the stable condition of the patient, the teeth should be assessed during the movement in the form of speaking and laughing. We can see this on the short video recordings and photos of the patient we took. In order to achieve ideal aesthetics, the gums must first be healthy. No matter how gorgeous the veneers or beautiful sensory fillings are, it is not possible for the teeth to look beautiful to the eye when the gums are inflamed and bleeding. In such cases, the gums are treated. If the smile line is high, the gingiva is leveled. After the necessary precautions have been taken, the design of the teeth begins.

While a new smile design is being created, it is tried in a preliminary test, which reflects the finished condition of the teeth. During the rehearsal phase you will have the opportunity to see your new smile. This preliminary work created in the laboratory environment is referred to as a “mock-up”. After the mock-up has been placed in the mouth, it is evaluated together with the doctor and the patient. After the final arrangements have been made according to the patient’s expectations, the finished teeth are prepared in the laboratory. With the help of this procedure, the patient will not experience any unexpected surprise when the teeth reach their final state.

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